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Collage of Stanford Biosicences students using pipettes for research

Inclusion & Belonging

Inclusion & Belonging is fundamental to our mission to advance scientific thought, train the next generation of leaders and innovators, and impact the world.

Stanford Biosciences supports its diverse student body in their endeavors to make a difference in our labs, our campus, and our community. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to take advantage of diversity and engagement programs, from research fellowships to symposia and organizations that discuss relevant issues at Stanford and beyond.

We believe a student body that is both highly qualified and diverse—in gender, race, ethnicity, culture and beliefs, socioeconomic background, physical ability, sexual orientation, and work-life experiences—is essential to a rich educational process. Our commitment to diversity is an essential part of training graduate students to be leaders and innovators, whose creativity of thought makes a difference both inside and outside of the lab. The research, perspective, and passion that students bring will continue to push the boundaries of the biological and biomedical sciences.

Commitment to Diversity

The Stanford University School of Medicine and the Biosciences Programs are committed to fostering a diverse community in which all individuals are welcomed, respected, and supported to achieve their full potential. While race and ethnicity are commonly cited in relation to diversity, we recognize that there are many different aspects to your identity, including culture, socioeconomic and educational background, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, life experiences, hobbies, and interests. We value diversity because we believe that interaction with people with unique backgrounds and life experiences allows us to reach a greater level of innovation in education, research, and clinical care.

Each Student

We are committed to cultivating a supportive, collegial atmosphere and to meeting the needs and interests of each and every student. We encourage you to learn more about the offices and organizations that foster inclusion as well as events and mentoring that connect students and postdocs to a larger community that includes faculty and alumni.

Stanford Biosciences provides full, competitive financial support for all of our enrolled students. Our students are highly competitive for outside fellowships and grants, and we will encourage and mentor you with your applications. We value the creativity of each and every student and work to provide support so that all students can identify and pursue new research directions consistent with their interests.

Getting Involved

Many students choose to give back to the campus and Bay Area communities, mentoring younger students or participating in outreach and education that help expand our community beyond Stanford. You can get involved in recruitment by joining faculty and diversity officers in attending national science research conferences to attract talented undergraduates interested in the biosciences.

If you are interested in learning more about diversity programs at Stanford and the role you play in our inclusive, dynamic culture, contact us.