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Biosciences Wellness

Biosciences graduate trainees face unique challenges to their psychological, emotional, physical, and social health and wellness. The Wellness program seeks to address these challenges through events targeted to the many dimensions of individual and community wellness. Wellness provides curriculum, programs, and support for initiatives that promote self-care, resiliency, and holistic personal health, helping to create an environment in which all graduate students can thrive.

Dimensions of Wellness Graphic

Wellness is holistic, multi-dimensional, and may have many different definitions for different individuals. The Wellness program offers programming that promotes holistic well-being across eight dimensions of wellness. These dimensions of wellness are:

  1. emotional
  2. environmental
  3. financial
  4. intellectual
  5. meaningful/spiritual
  6. occupational
  7. physical
  8. social

By attending a Wellness program, students can learn tools, skills, and resources that will help them improve their wellness in one or more dimensions.

Featured Events and Activities

Wellness activities include:Biosciences Painting Class

  • Wellness workshops across varying topics
  • BioPeers Peer Mentoring Resource
  • Decompression Days: stress-relieving, community-building activities in the middle of each academic quarter
  • Partnerships with student organizations to assess and promote student wellness

View the Biosciences Event Calendar for upcoming events. Have an idea for a wellness program or event? Reach out via the Biosciences wellness program proposalSBSA event proposal process or contact!

Program Goals

As a result of participating in a Wellness program or event, students will:

  • Examine and/or monitor their personal wellness.
  • Recognize the connection between personal wellness and success in graduate school.
  • Implement personal actions and activities that promote health and well-being.

Health and Wellness Resources

The Office of Graduate Education maintains a list of recommended on-campus and off-campus resources online here. If you have suggestions for additional resources that should be included, please contact us.

Looking for a quick list of offices and contact information? Start with the wellness and support resources overview — this document, developed in Summer 2015 by graduate Community Associates, highlights recommended resources and the confidentiality level of each.

For questions about Wellness programs, contact Shelly Rasnick at or 650-725-0537.