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Anxiety Toolbox Virtual Workshops (Hosted by CAPS)

Join CAPS for a one-time virtual workshop! Learn about the stress response, differentiating stress and anxiety, and skills to target both.  Recognize the role of systems of oppression in anxiety.  The Anxiety Toolbox consists of didactic, break-out groups, and interactive exercises as well as therapeutic skills to work with unhelpful thinking styles related to anxiety.

There are multiple 2-hour workshop sessions. You can register for a single one-time session by calling CAPS and asking for a CAPS Connects appointment to get registered, or by reading out to your CAPS point person/therapist if you are in touch with CAPS already.

Dates and Times:

Friday 4/29 9:00-11:00
Monday 5/09 10:00-12:00
Tuesday 5/17 1:00-3:00
Friday 5/27 10:00-12:00


A flyer reiterating the contents of the text, with a picture of a yellow toolbox.