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Mary Beth Mudgett, PhD

Professor of Biology

Mary Beth Mudgett, PhDMary Beth received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Ithaca College and her doctorate in Biochemistry from the University of California in Los Angeles. She performed postdoctoral research at the University of California in Berkeley before becoming a faculty member in the Department of Biology at Stanford University in 2002. Her group studies host-pathogen interactions, focusing on the biochemical mechanisms by which bacterial pathogens subvert the innate immune system to promote disease. She lives in San Carlos with her husband Marco and daughter Ella.

In addition to mentoring graduate students and postdocs, Mary Beth is passionate about teaching. She works closely with students to build critical thinking skills, while stimulating new exploration relevant to current science and societal issues. She has launched new initiatives to improve the student experience, by creating new biology courses, embracing diversity in the classroom, and integrating active learning pedagogy to enhance student learning.

Mary Beth also strives to increase diversity in the Bioscience Graduate Program. As Chair of the Bioscience Diversity Advisory Committee (BDAC), Mary Beth works with faculty across campus to develop admissions rubrics to identify high potential scholars, and build innovative recruitment and retention programs to enhance student successes as various stages of the PhD program.

As a SoLID faculty mentor, Mary Beth is committed to work with students to start important conversations and help them navigate their own paths in scholarship, teaching, and everyday life at Stanford and beyond.

Students can schedule a meeting through Mary Beth’s assistant, LaMoria Roberts, at (650) 498-1176 or