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Juliana Idoyaga, PhD

Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Juliana Idoyaga, PhDJuliana has been a Stanford faculty member since 2014, following postdoctoral research and training at The Rockefeller University in NYC and predoctoral training at the Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico. She performed her undergraduate studies at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Juliana enjoys, inside and outside the lab, to think about solutions to important clinical problems, for which there are still no available therapies. She also enjoys long walks in the California woods, gardening and swimming.

As a research mentor, Juliana’s goal is to train the next generation of creative immunologists that seek to develop therapeutics for patients using the immune system as a tool. Her style includes teaching the scientific method, i.e., the systematic observation, formulation of hypothesis, measurements through well-planned and controlled experiments, analysis of data for arrival to conclusions and re-formulation of hypotheses. She envisions the highest standards of research, and embraces the most novel technologies and the careful use of resources to achieve those standards. In addition to her own trainees, Juliana serves on the thesis advisory/reading committee for students in Immunology, Microbiology and Immunology, Neuroscience, and Bioengineering.

As a SoLID faculty member, Juliana is happy to discuss immunology research in general and myeloid cells in particular. She is also prepared to discuss and provide honest and frank opinions related to time management, difficult conversations, career decisions and goals, communication, teaching methods, diversity and inclusion.

Students can email Juliana directly at