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José R. Dinneny, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

I have had a lifelong passion for science, but my path has definitely taken a few turns. While much of my education took place in the US, I started my lab in Singapore. I had the opportunity to move back to the US and joined a research institute that allowed my science to thrive. However, it did not satisfy my desire to live a full academic life. I am so excited to now be a part of the Stanford community as I get to pursue cutting-edge research on plant-environment interactions and play a deeper role in education and mentorship. 

My research mentorship focuses on the needs of the individual mentee and building a supportive community within the lab and department. Students need mentors at different career stages to help them understand their challenges in the context of achieving their short-term and long-term goals. As a faculty mentor I can provide that long-term perspective and also serve as a hub to help build the network of connections that students need to succeed.

Being an underrepresented minority and raised by a single mother, I have faced a lot of challenges that other Stanford students face. As a SoLID faculty mentor I hope to bring my unique background and perspective to the challenge of increasing and supporting the diverse needs of our student community. I am incredibly optimistic that a more diverse student and faculty community is integral to helping our university thrive.

Students can email José at to schedule a one-on-one meeting.